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Protege Jackson All- Stars is a non profit organization that answers when the communities are crying for help.  The focus is on the needs of our homeless individuals within the area, necessities for school-aged children, and the elderly in the community.  We connect with others to build a team of resourceful and impactful people to create change in the City of Jackson and the Metropolitan area.  We are a stronger force together!  The feeding portion is also a ministry for us that teaches us obedience.  It is called “Keep It 100”…this effort is a financial discipline for me to feed 100 persons for 100 dollars.  If missed a month of feeding, we still cater to the bodies of individuals with hygiene items or someone that experiencing death and grieving.  We can be made whole again if someone helps us to pick up the pieces of life. If you would like to make a donation please contact us. 
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